Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blog Talk Radio ... Again with Siggy, Fausta and Me

The three of us will be on Fausta's blog radio show at 11 a.m. Eastern (10 a.m. Central, which would be my time zone). The call in number is 646-652-2639.

The link for Blog Talk Radio is here at Fausta's. I don't understand a thing about how it works but I do know that it is podcast later so you have a variety ways to listen if you are interested. We're starting off discussing gender differences, based on Siggy's post from a few days ago.

Seriously, I never, ever would have thought that I could talk about gender differences and sex for an hour and not be bored. Yeah, I know, that doesn't sound right does it? But really, the only thing more boring than that for me would be politics. But Siggy and Fausta make it so much fun! It was a blast guys! Thanks so much for having me on the show! You can listen to the podcast via iTunes soon ...

I just want to add that I was very excited that Laurie Kendrick was there too as I have been reading her blog for a few weeks. That girl cracks me up. And I believe that I may have a serious crush on Shane as well a great admiration for his very wise mother.

Can you tell I had a blast? Of course you can!

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