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More details and an excerpt may be found here.
Another excerpt:  Knitting Madonna

  • Mike Aquilina: "My wife is quoting you at me."
  • Jennifer Fitz: "It’s a textbook on critical thinking in disguise."
  • Sarah Reinhard: "Davis, as she does so often in her other pursuits, reminds us that faith and life cannot be separated."
  • The Curt Jester: "I simply loved this book."
  • The Anchoress: "A scrappy little volume ... seasoned with Julie's own sauce."
  • Mrs. Darwin: "It's pretty compulsively readable."
  • Kate Wicker"...even pop culture can't escape the wisdom of God."
  • Scott Danielson: "If I had this book back when I was feeling conflicted, I’d have realized that I was not alone. When Robin says to Batman, “Self control is sure tough, Batman,” I would have known that I’m not the only one that thought “Isn’t that interesting… my priest said that in a homily last week. It’s not supposed to be easy.”
  • Joseph R.:  The uniting thread is the underlying truth found in all of these: how God touches our lives in the most remarkable and most mundane ways.
  • Ironic Catholic:  I rejoiced!, because...she cut through all the dreck for me!
  • Danusha Goska: "Happy Catholic" is accessible, likable, friendly, no-fuss, in places, surprisingly challenging, even prickly, laugh-out-loud funny, and thought-provoking.

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