Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Plenary Indulgence on All Media Watchers and LIsteners...

... I knew I liked this new pope! SQPN sez:
I have to verify this with Fr. Roderick, who is fluent in Italian. But it sounded like the Pope said that everybody who was watching via the media received a plenary indulgence. This is awesome!
And my friend Rita added:
And on listeners too.

Also I don't see any books by him on Amazon. Which is another blessing. It's going to take me years to work my way through Benedict XVI's homilies and writing.

Thank you, Papa!


  1. I was pretty amped about that because my family and I just went to confession a few days ago :) God bless Pope Francis!

  2. We spent hours glued to the computer monitor, switching around between news sites (really wanted to watch NBC with Fr. Barron and George Weigel, but it kept freezing up), but got to see good Pope Francis on CNN, without too much translation noise. We heard "plenary indulgence" (or the Italian equivalent) but didn't know what he was saying. Wow, though!

  3. We had our not-Catholic, but fluent-in-Italian piano teacher here to translate for us! What a fun day!