Friday, January 25, 2013

Back to the Blogs!

Last week I realized that those easy "Share" buttons have changed my blogging somewhat. I will share things on Facebook and Twitter that I never bother to take five extra minutes and include here.

What is the world coming to? I am not a real participant at either Facebook or Twitter. I believe blogs are much better. And yet, I fell into their trap.

Melanie Bettinelli at The Wine Dark Sea realized she also had fallen into that trap. As have many others I imagine.

No more!

Here is this week's worth of links, which usually I'd call Blogging Around, but in honor of my realization, I am calling Back to the Blogs!

Damn you all to hell
Tom Hanks' charming letter (it really is ...) written to the Nerdist podcasters after they asked him to appear on their podcast and bribed him with a 1934 Smith Corona typewriter. I'll just say right now that I love Hanks even more since discovering that he's a typewriter collector.

On Jacob's Ladder
On Jacob's Ladder is a new blog where John is going to try to spend 2013 reading the Bible from front to back and sharing my reactions. I like some of his reactions I have to admit. Such as being bored when God is working his way through the plagues of Egypt because Phaoroah is hard hearted.
But then suddenly I saw myself in the Pharaoh. God shows me the way--through the Word, through the Church, through the love of those around me; I promise to walk more closely in the path He calls me to; I wander off or get distracted and forget my promise; I feel lost; rinse and repeat. It particularly hit home during the plague of darkness, when the Egyptians could see nothing, not even the people around them. Like me when I wander off from God and forget Him.
A Message from Ben Bernanke
Dr. Boli recently received correspondence from his old friend and his musings are as salutary as always. Here's a bit.
Dr. Boli is pleased to hear from his old friend Mr. Bernanke (and he is sure he will recall when they met any moment now), but he does have one suggestion. Would it not be possible to hire, say, an advanced-placement English student from a local high school to tune up the punctuation and wording a bit?
Not to mention amusing.

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