Monday, December 20, 2010

A Profound Christmas Story from an Unexpected Source

Some lagniappe to be found at Forgotten Classics. It is about 15 minutes long but worth the time.


  1. Tante Léonie12/20/10, 2:54 PM

    What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for recording it, Julie.

  2. You are very welcome!

    I was so surprised that Agatha Christie wrote that little collection and let it all hang out like that. Obviously it got to me, since I could hear my voice quavering at the end, but that only means it did a good job. :-)

  3. I enjoyed that. Thank you. :)

  4. Tante Léonie12/21/10, 12:57 PM

    (Spoiler alert!) (Remove this comment, Julie, if you want to!)

    I especially liked the device of having Mary being tempted, and also realizing that the devil was, indeed, telling the truth -- a truly sinister thing. It reminds me of a passage from "Imitation of Christ":

    " .. it is a sign of small spiritual stature when you take to heart so readily whatever your enemy the Devil slips into your mind. He is not particular in his choice of tricks to catch you out; truth or falsehood, it's all one to him. So long as he can bring you down, he doesn't mind how he trips you; it may be by making you love the present, or it may be by making you fear the future ... Trust in me and have confidence in my mercy." (Knox translation)

    I am wondering if Christie knew this passage; it seems like it.

    This story really has stayed with me; I kept thinking about it all day today.

    Thanks again for posting.

  5. Now THAT is a great quote and I'm taking it for the quote journal.


    I have to say that it stayed with me as well. I recorded this some months ago when I came across the book from the library. When I was proofing it, I was struck by the same thing. I am put in mind of what our priest says, that the devil uses the truth but just twists how he shows it to us.

    I am also struck by Mary, who is tempted but ultimately trusts God more than herself. And by Joseph who will do all he can on the side of good.