Thursday, May 21, 2009

ABCs of Me

Tagged by Kelly on Facebook. But answering here in Blogger. Because that's just the kinda gal I am. "S" is for stubborn.

A - Attitude: Optimistic

B - Born in: Aurora, IL

C - Cat's name: no cat now but we have had in the past Puff, Truffles, and Calico

D - Dog's name: Pepper

E - Excited by: Tom (!)

F - Field: advertising

G - Grateful for: my faith

H - Hates: Negative Nellies!

I - Into: books, movies ... basically stories ... and talking about stories!

J - Job title: co-owner

K - Kinfolk: Davises, Austins

L - Loves: my family, my many hobbies, my (yes, you know where I'm goin' with this, right?) faith.

M - Music: bluegrass, blues, rock, classic country

N - Nickname: Julie (nickname for my nickname ... Jules)

O - Outstanding achievements: a happy life and marriage (hey, that's hard work, folks)

P - Pastimes: blogging, podcasting, knitting, cooking, movies ... and lots and lots of talking about all of them!

Q - Quirks: LOVE using our office paper shredder.

R - Relaxes by: reading, knitting, watching TV

S - State of residence: Texas

T - Telephone type: ??? I have no clue

U - Usual breakfast: last night's leftovers

V - Vices: woah, that's for the confessional! Though I do admit to a lot of procrastination when working on podcasting.

W - Wearing: tank top, jacket, slacks, flats

X - X-ray you last had: teeth

Y - Yummy dish you make: Chocolate Buttermilk Cake with Malted Chocolate Frosting

Z - Zoo favorite: hippos

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