Monday, February 11, 2013

Blogging and Google

My question for you is how do you manage to make your blog easily discoverable by google? I have heard there are tricks of the trade. I am not nearly as internet savvy as you are.
I was asked this question recently when my blog popped up as a likely match for someone using Google. They then mentioned that they haven't done much with their blog but had this question.

Like most bloggers I get this question a lot. Here's my answer.
I post every day. I post authentic content. In other words, I'm out there.

That's all that Google wants. Real posts by real people saying something that is their own.
Rest assured that there may be tricks, but like most of life the best way is just to do the job. In that way, blogging is just like real life.

Show up. Do the job. Eventually when you've got 8,000+ posts, Google will notice.

And if Google doesn't notice, you'll still have the satisfaction of having blogged. Which is the real point of blogging in the first place, after all.


  1. The phrase "clip art" is a Google magnet,as I discovered by accident when I used that phrase in a post about the three legs of Anglicanism. At one point, people came to my blog through a Google search for "clip art 3 legged stool" often enough that I created a clip art image of a 3-legged stool and appended it to the post. One aims to please.

  2. If you write, write, write, then people will read, read, read! "How To Get Noticed". It's kind of like parenting, you have to be doing it to be noticed.!