Monday, March 26, 2012

"All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close up."

This little lady is now our Boxer, Wash's, new little sister. She's smaller than she looks but makes up for it with huge personality. Unfortunately, so huge that she thinks she should run the household. Did we mention she's a lot more Pitt Bull than Boxer (or maybe Bulldog, we're thinking).

We got her at the SPCA where she could show her sweet, loving side. She'd been adopted and returned once because of an illness in the home that wouldn't allow taking care of a new pet. They also mentioned her fear of doors / doorways and extreme shyness.

We're wondering just what dog they took home. True enough, she doesn't like being taken by the collar and pulled anywhere. But walking through a doorway? No problem. Because maybe there's a camera waiting to take her confident photo.

And, if she gets through that doorway ahead of you it means that she is top dog, not you. Oh yes. There is that.

She has bonded very well to me and either waits to let me walk first or if she "forgets" (ha!), then when I clear my throat or tap my foot or ... yes sometimes she makes me order her ... clap my hands at her, then she comes contritely back (Oh, I didn't see you back there the two times I looked over my shoulder! So sorry!) and very properly follows me down the hall.

Biggest problem so far?

She began a fight with Wash within minutes of meeting him and still would like to settle it. Up went the dog gate (which she can knock over or climb ... what a little darling) and then began the two-dog tango to give each dog plenty of people time but keep them separated. We're going to take them for a walk this evening which should help the bonding because she was trying to get him to play with her through the gate this morning. (In between growls. Talk about mixed messages.)

Keeping in mind that we got her home around 2 p.m. on Saturday, that is not bad progress.

And, when we returned from Mass on Sunday, we discovered she's a little escape artist.

"Wire crate? Ha, ha! I laugh at them!" she chuckled gleefully as she greeted us at the door when we returned.

Thank goodness we had also crated Wash. Our gentle giant was sitting in the far corner of his crate, thanking his lucky stars she was outside and he was inside. And wondering just why we brought her home.

How she squeezed through that little opening she forced between the top and side, we'll never know. Oh, wait, we do know. Because Tom reinforced all gaps yesterday. When we put her in the crate so Wash could have an hour in our company while we were watching TV, we watched with bemusement as she tested every join, tried the wire with her excellent teeth (which are long and sharp and Tom said remind him of Alien), and then moaned with frustration. (Zoe and she could hold lovely concerts with their moaning.)

This makes her sound terrible, but it is really just adjustment pains being felt all around.

She is a little sweetie pie who wants noting more than to sit in your lap while her tummy is being rubbed. And then run 10 circles around the living room at the speed of light. (Which is very much like a Boxer.)

Her name?

We're sticking with the Firefly theme.

Think of a homegrown beauty, from a hardscrabble planet, delighted to see the big, wide world.

Yep, Kaylee.

That parasol makes me think of our Kaylee's spiffy new pink collar. Just the thing for a little lady.


  1. That's awesome. Congrats, and I hope she is just as awesome as the real Kaylee. Well, she's not really real, but you know what I mean.

  2. She's lovely! We put our gentle giant to sleep on St. Patty's day and our house just isn't the same without him. When we are ready, we will be welcoming another dog into our home and family.
    Congrats to you.

  3. We have a pit/lab/shepherd mix, and our son's pit is also staying with us. For all the hype about them, they are a bunch of nervous nellies and very affectionate.