Monday, January 30, 2012

L. A. Diary: It Is the Land of Dreams

Part 1: We Begin
Part 2: On the Road


A quick observation.

You can buy liquor in the grocery store in California!

This is not new to anyone from, say, Missouri. Where I also was surprised every time I'd visit my parents and find a fully stocked liquor section.

But it never fails to surprise me.

We took advantage of the novelty by making sure that Rose had what she needed to offer us proper cocktails in the evening.

Ah, it can be very good to be Catholic!

Next, we meet an old friend, for the first time!


  1. We've made the same joyful discovery here in England!

  2. We took a tour run by the Milwaukee Historical society. The subject came up of alcohol on Sunday. I asked about the blue laws in Wisconsin. The tour guide had no idea what I was talking about. She had never heard of a blue law and had never heard of not being able to buy booze on Sunday.

    You can buy hard liquor in the grocery store here, too. But not after 9:00 p.m. The tavern lobby has made sure of that.

    When my husband's parents came for our wedding, the first thing they wanted to do on Sunday morning - they had arrived Sat night- was go out to buy booze. (They are heavy drinkers.) I thought, Lucky for you we're not in the south. And lucky for me, I guess, because that way they didn't drink all of our hard liquor, most of which will probably still be in the liquor cabinet when we die.

  3. I'm surprised every time I see it too. I live in New York and we have very strict laws on that. In fact it took pulling teeth to allow liquor stores to be open on Sunday. To be honest, I'm not sure liberalizing liquor sales is that good an idea.