Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HHS Mandate - some mulling over

In reference to my realization that HHS edict is personal since we are an employer, Class Factotum asked:
Do you exclude contraception now? Back in the late 80s, when I worked for a group health insurance company, the only contract where they didn't cover contraception or abortion was the Catholic hospital.
It's funny that she asks that because right before I read her comment, I realized that it never occurred to me to even check what our healthcare covered along those lines.

That's because we are a really tiny company and our employees haven’t been in the demographic where contraception or abortion ever came up.

Also, we are still mulling all this over, but in talking with Tom about it this morning, I was saying that it wasn’t up to me to mandate contraceptive prohibition to those whose beliefs don’t match mine. Obviously, I don't feel as if it is up to us to pay for those sorts of things either. And I'd feel that way whether I were Catholic or not.

Unlike the politicians trying to push this HHS thing through, I actually feel as if those choices are private and personal ... and I'm willing to let them stay that way.

As to where our insurance gets involved and what that means, we’re still mulling and looking into what is in place.

Other Thoughts
Frank says the petition is picking up steam but we're going to need to hit Mach 1 to achieve the 25,000 needed signatures. Sign up here.

The Anchoress has also been mulling things over and feels that we have been given the gift of clarity. Read it here at First Things.


  1. According to BadCatholic here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/badcatholic/2012/01/an-open-letter-to-president-barack-obama-concerning-recent-tyranny-with-pictures.html

    He quotes "employers who employed fewer than 50 full-time employees during the preceding calendar year are not obligated to make any health-care insurance coverage available to their employees under Obamacare" I don't know if that applies to your company, but you may not have to be so worried.

  2. Thanks Joshua! I'm actually fairly sure that is the case ... we have never had more than 3 employees.

    However, this is definitely a good spur to think more about our insurance and our Catholic faith. Much like the time when I was going to be on a jury deciding the death penalty for someone and had to clarify what I really thought.

    We won't waste this opportunity to be sure we know what we think and how to live. :-)

  3. Julie, it occurs to me that the pro-life movement has been trying to get Planned Parenthood defunded, so this is retaliation: they're trying to make the pro-life movement, in effect, fund the things they objected to in PP. :-b

  4. The petition is at 16,000 signatures this morning! I believe yes, that's hitting Mach 1.