Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Tie Your Shoes

I know. You thought you knew how.

Give Terry Moore three minutes and he'll change your double-knotting ways.

No need to thank me. The increase in the Gross National Product from increased productivity and less falling down is thanks enough.


  1. I'll try it to see if the kids' shoes stay tied! :)

  2. I actually was taught the "strong form" as a kid. We referred to them as a "square bow" or a "granny bow", like the knots.

  3. I always said to
    people that my shoelaces
    had been enchanted.


  4. Or you can tie the first knot the other way than you normally would if you're getting the weak knot. My dad taught me the difference between a granny knot and a reef knot when I was a kid, so I do tie my shoes (and my kids' shoes) properly. ;)

  5. Sha-zah ... I was taught the "strong" way ... not when tying my shoes, but when tying the bow on the backside of my dresses. I then applied it to my tennies ...

    'Twas never appropriate to be seen in public with the bow going up/down ....

  6. strong form = square knot = reef knot

    weak form = granny knot

    Funny, I figured the "strong form" after learning knots in Boy Scouts. Never had to double knot my shoes unless the laces were just too long.