Thursday, May 19, 2011

The ONLY Catholic Blog Bringing You the Latest Zombie News

I am not sure exactly how I became the one that people think of when passing on news about zombies (ok, I know ... between World War Z and The Reapers Are The Angels, it is easy to figure out).

However, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth ... I'll just pass on the news as I get it, folks!

Zombies in the news, and that ain't the Hollywood news, but the real news ...

CDC Warns Public to Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse
I like that they know how to have fun while figuring out how to get people to read their hurricane preparedness press releases

Best Car to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
Fox News is taking the CDC's idea and running with it. Or driving it into the ground. Something like that.

Thanks to Deacon Lawrence Klimecki for sending me these breaking stories. For some very cool modern Catholic art, swing by his place. There might even be something about an apocalypse there. Just not one with zombies.

More late-breaking zombie news ... though this is really more of a preparedness plan in several parts. Thanks to Mockingbird for taking this task upon themselves. There are now five parts, but I'll start you at the beginning ... here.
Do you have a zombie plan? This is a hot question right now, right up with “What do you do for a living?” Of course, my answer is always an emphatic “Yes!” How could you not? In the event of a zomb-pocalypse, my family and I will lock all doors, retreat to the attic (via the pull-down attic entrance), cut the cord that enables someone (or someTHING) to pull down the steps, and eat and drink stored provisions. Then, during a lull in zombie activity, we will make a break for the truck, drive out to rural parts and become southern Ted Kaczynski-s. Of course. Wouldn’t you? Like Y2K.
Thanks to Tante Leonie for turning me on to Mockingbird, where you may also read excerpts of their book, The Gospel of Pixar.

Faith and zombies. Faith and animation. What's not to love?


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  2. Have you read my post on Zombies and the resurrection?

  3. WHATEVER! Zombie-schmobies. Didn't you hear the Raptor is coming this Saturday?!

  4. @Joe, well since LaHayne (and others) think Catholics will be "Left Behind," see, we will be among those whom the advancing hordes of zombies will attempt to pillage, plunder, and feast upon.

  5. The danger from blood-crazed zombies is somewhat overrated. If you don't show fear and don't turn your back, you'll be okay. After all, we're talking about my 5th- and 5th-period seniors.