Monday, April 25, 2011

The Package That Can Put a Big Smile on Your Face — UPDATED

That's probably only if really true if you're a certain age.

Because this is the original packaging.

But when I found it at Krogers this weekend it made me smile and not only because this is Hannah's favorite flavor which can be hard to find.

Tom, helping me unload groceries, held up the bag with a broad grin, "Hey! This is classic!"

And so it is.

Both on the inside and the outside.

Evidently these are available for a limited time. Why limited! We want them always!

Sadly, I was informed that Frito Lay is owned by PepsiCo. *sigh*

We all remember that Nestle, Pepsi, Solae, and Kraft Use Cells From Aborted Babies to Test Artificial Flavors. Campbell Soup Rejects Methods, right? I didn't do my homework. So we will savor these last Doritos and not buy any more until they change their ways.


  1. A couple of weeks ago I flew to St. Louis and then drove to Springfield and had a couple of bags of these along the way. On the MO side they had the retro/classic packaging and on the IL side they were in the modern style packaging and the flavor was officially "original taco" but it was the same flavor. So once the retro packaging is gone, be on the lookout for Original Taco.

  2. Doritos are so tasty. Except, fyi...not to be a downer...but Frito Lay is owned by Pepsi. Which has ties with Senomyx. (



    We will eat these two bags because we already bought them. Then no more.

    If we can live for years without tuna then we can live without Fritos, Doritos and ... oh no ... probably Cheetos ... yes, them too. It's like Lent ... but for the rest of my life (probably). aaargh.

    Well, thank heavens for Zapps Potato Chips. Those Cajuns would never make dastardly connections like that.

  4. I know...I'm disappointed, too. Those are real treat foods for me.

    Something I was thinking about was trying to be aware of the restaurants I frequent which serve Pepsi products, and voicing my objections to them as well. Not to boycott a restaurant that serves Pepsi--I think that might be overkill--but to try and influence the restaurant, which might have more influence on Pepsi than an individual would.

  5. I had thought of that also, but clean forgot to check my own cupboard. Last night was a real revelation! An unpleasant one, but better to know than to go on in ignorance! :-)