Thursday, December 16, 2010

The New Dappled Things Is Out!

Bernardo Aparicio wrote to say:
There's a new edition of Dappled Things online with some great content. Also, I want to remind you that while we publish a truly top-quality magazine, our budget is almost impossibly small, so we depend on word of mouth to reach readers. Please consider helping us in our mission to transform the culture by posting about and/or linking to our content. Here's a sampling of some of the great work featured in our most recently released edition:
  • The dramatic, haunting photographs of Rick Westcott;
  • A wonderful reconsideration of the unjustly forgotten Catholic novelist J.F. Powers;
  • "I've, like, got to get there, like, now" a delightful rant by the inimitable Eleanor Bourg Donlon on language, unintelligibility, and irreverence;
  • Reviews of award-winning graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang's new book of stories, The Eternal Smile; and of House of Words by Jonathan Potter, a beautiful book of poems which is the first title from Korrektiv Press, a promising new venture by the writers of;
  • "Achilleus Now," an insightful feature essay by Robert T. Miller on his experience teaching great books and how old books still matter to young students.
I was just sending a link from a Dappled Things article the other day to a friend when we were deep in a conversation about vampires and the Faith (yes, again). This is a great publication and well worth reading.

If you already read, why not consider giving them some Advent or Christmas alms to help their good works keep on going?

Or subscribe. They have an actual print version. If you want to see a sample issue just send your name and mailing address to "dappledthings [dot] cybulski [at] (Write "free sample" in the subject line.)

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  1. You've tempted me enough to ask for a free issue. The magazine looks very enticing. I've actually been looking for literary magazine like this. Thanks for pointing it out.