Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You ...

There are so many things I want to share and, as always, so little time. Unless I blog continually and, as lovely as that would be, there are many, many other things I must do. My personal pledge to myself is to try to share one of these thing a day. You may expect to see, among other things:
  • The lemon cake recipe, which was a huge hit
  • A review of the movie Moon
  • A highlight of Bullenbeisser (yes, you'll just have to wait for that to see what it is)
  • Comments about the only review book that Tom has grabbed from my hands (almost) and plunged into with excitement.
  • Review of a manga about St. Paul's conversion ... the short version: get it for a kid you know.
  • My life and times concocting a "mess of greens" ... thank you CSA for forcing me to get down with that project (seriously ... they are goooood)
  • Books I am reading
  • Our upcoming house guest and why we don't mind an open-ended visit ...
  • Many more excerpts from This Tremendous Lover and a few thoughts thereon
  • Ummm ... some other stuff which I can't recall right now ... I have a note card somewhere with scribbled notes, I swear
So, yes, I love you and I'm thinking all the time of great stuff to tell you ... and I just don't have time. But it will come ...

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