Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thanks Be to God ...

... and to St. Jude for his intercession. My father's visit to the new doctor yesterday has us all feeling considerably more optimistic, although we all are adding the qualifier "cautiously" to it. He spent a lot of time with Dad, told him that there were a lot of things he wanted to "fix" but would focus on the constant nausea first, and then took the relatively simple first steps of having him take Claritin and a acid reflux medication that also helps with nausea.

After over five months of constant nausea, my father woke up this morning feeling fine. Mom said he even was fixing a tuna sandwich for lunch. Believe me, that's a miracle after what they've been through ...

Much, much thanks goes to those of you who have prayed for my father and who have kindly been asking after him. I am so very happy to have such promising news.

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