Friday, March 30, 2007

Inspiration Resources #1 & 2

A friend was lamenting recently that she missed the inspiration available during our CRHP team formation. Nothing quite matches those days but I am going to be running a series of good resources to try out for inspiration and formation.

This will be podcast heavy because I am thinking of my friend who is works in a law office, lives far from her home, and has two adorable little ones to keep her busy (joyfully busy, I will add) the rest of the time. However, I will feature other types of resources also.
Meditations from Carmel*
A podcast with episodes between one and four minutes long. Each has soothing sounds of quiet music in the background while a contemplative voice reads the meditation from a Carmelite saint. Several of these hit me just right and I'm going to keep them on my iPod for those stressed out moments when I need a good reminder of where the "center" is.

Peter Kreeft
Yes, I wrote about him recently but want to mention him again here. Catholic convert and professor of philosophy at Boston College, Kreeft uses logic and humor to talk about God, the Church, and many other topics helpful to Christians trying to keep the faith in modern times (his writing on modern philosophers is especially good). This post lists his books which had the biggest influence on me.

You can download audio of his talks* or subscribe through iTunes (search for His site also has some of his featured writing as well as additional pieces here.
* Unless otherwise mentioned, any podcasts or audio can be downloaded to your computer (using the right click mouse button) and listened to there or burned to a CD if you don't have a mp3 player. I mention iTunes because that is what I use, however most of these also can be found through other podcatchers (usually mentioned on their sites).

Resources 3 & 4: here.

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