Monday, January 15, 2007

A Hell of a Book

I finally scored a copy of Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle that didn't cost a lot. I have been trying to get my hands on a copy of this for over a year after I discovered that this is their take on Dante's Inferno.

It has been out of print for some time so usually copies list for an outrageous sum like $80 and our library doesn't have a copy. It was waiting for me when we returned from the retreat. I read the first couple of chapters before sliding into a nap and it is fascinating so far. I think it might be a good intro to the real thing which I will be reading sometime as it is on my Christian classics list, Dante to Dead Man Walking.

The story so far is great, although you must keep in mind that I am a fan of the Niven-Pournelle collaborations in general. It is from the point of view of a science fiction writer who has been sent to hell and is trying to find his way out. Thus far, he has continually been filtering everything he sees through his sci-fi sensibilities ... maybe it is an alternate universe ... possibly a different planet, etc.

Check out the Amazon comments for further insight if you are interested. I have only begun it.

Meep gives a link to a paper she wrote: Dante's vs. Niven & Pournelle's Inferno. It looks fascinating but I am going to wait until I've read Inferno. Can't wait though!

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