Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ahem ... It's the Third Most Important Day of the Year Again!

First is Easter, then is Christmas, then is ... my birthday!

Some people ignore their birthdays or don't want much fuss made. Not me. I OWN my birthday ... just something about it. Everyone in the household knows it too. (To be fair, they all regard their birthdays to be the third most important day of the year.)

Hannah showed the proper spirit last year when she was filling out a job application on Sunday and asked me what the date was. Then she answered her own question with, "Oh, wait. It must be the 22nd because I know Wednesday is the 25th." Yep, just like Christmas. All other dates are figured around this one.

Also it is Padre Pio's birthday which is very cool.

I'm thinking it is time to drop by Royal Thai for my birthday dinner. Something about this warm weather calls out for Asian food.

I am having Hannah and Rose make me a favorite cake that I used to choose often when I was a kid ... chocolate cake with mint frosting and then with unsweetened chocolate poured over that. Heavenly, y'all!

Now I want to show y'all the birthday card that my mother sent ... it is perfect for me ... tranquil to counteract my busy month and has that Asian feel which I love so much. Enjoy!

I am enjoying the heck out of my gifts so far...
  • Thanks Cathy! You made me laugh!
  • Thanks Bender! You made me drool!
  • Thanks Siggy!. Good thing they come two to a package, eh?

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