Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you know how insidious the music from Cheers is?

I mean ... do you?

Tom and I began watching Cheers from the beginning a couple of weeks ago, after I heard a Story Wonk Daily where they were talking about watching it as a textbook on how to develop "story." (Also, they love it.)

I watched it all when it was on (and before you begin adding on your fingers, I'll help ... 1st season: 1982). And so did Tom. But we'd forgotten so much. And it is like a stage play. A really well done, clever stage play.

It is fascinating to watch an episode an evening (streaming free - Amazon Prime) and see the actors become comfortable with their characters and the writers give the audience credit for intelligence ... and lean a little further with the subplots and side jokes.

The problem is that Cheers song. What an earworm (thank you German for such a descriptive term).

I find myself humming it. It pops into my head off and on all day.

I confessed as much to Tom.

Who's having the same problem.

Insidious. That's it.


  1. For various reasons, I haven't seen an episode of Cheers in at least 21 years, but I watched it regularly throughout my high school years. The theme song (as well as the show) was always one of my favorites, and I still remember it pretty well...

  2. I'm having the same problem with the score of Star Trek II. Fabulous podcast, by the way. My wife and I loved it.

  3. So happy to hear you liked the Wrath-y conversation! I loved your analysis at your place. :-)

  4. Punch, brothers, punch with care,
    Punch in the presence of the passen-jare.

    -- Mark Twain. I forget the story about railway conductors punching tickets; I cannot forget "Punch, brothers..."

    - Mack in Kirbyville

  5. That is a catchy tune. I love it too. I wonder if they sell it on itunes or Amazon?