Friday, September 16, 2011

Snapshot: Improving Sound on Our TV

We got a new flat screen TV earlier this year with our tax return money. We knew it was one of the least expensive but we didn't realize that all the cheaper flat screen TVs have terrible sound.

Having, perhaps, more of a tin ear than most, I didn't really notice the sound that much. But it drove Tom crazy. I had ordered an iPod dock for his birthday but the company was never able to deliver. So I canceled that and gave Tom carte blanche (within the limits of our fairly slender budget).

He got the JVC TH-BC3 sound bar. It serves as an iPod dock but, better than that, it can easily be hooked up to the TV where we were delighted to hear theater-style sound emerging.

Wow! I never realized just how bad the sound from the TV was. We may never use an iPod in it as popular acclaim is keeping it attached to the television.


  1. Thanks for the tip. I am in the market to replace my old Samsung 26" TV from 1998 - which was over $600 at the time, because it claimed to be the first stereo TV. It still works just fine, which is why I keep hesitating, but I really want one that I can hook up to my computer to view NetFlix movies. I was not thinking about the sound issue. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Like you, Julie, I'm not as much an audiophile as my husband (and he kind of dragged me kicking and screaming to HD TV) but I will definitely check this out!