Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Blog: The Catholic Gene

I myself am not into tracking back family history but Tom has certainly gotten some interesting information through through the Ancestry.com membership I gave him for Christmas.

For example, my family (Austin) had an actual, real-live Puritan come over in 1638 (or some equally outrageous long ago time). Crazy! And fascinating!

For those who are interested in tracking their Catholic family history, here is a new blog that is good looking and well written ... The Catholic Gene. Donna, obviously a pro at genealogy, tells us:
I've had a genealogy blog for several years called What's Past is Prologue. Recently I saw a need in the blogosphere for information on genealogy as it pertains to Catholics in particular. I rounded up a group of some of the best genealogy bloggers out there - who also happen to (happily) be Catholic. Thus, a new blog was born. May I present The Catholic Gene!

The Catholic Gene was founded by a diverse group of friends who share two common things: a love for both genealogical research and the Roman Catholic faith. Most of the authors were “born Catholic” and some came to the faith later in life. Some aren’t actually Catholic but appreciate the faith as much as the rest of us. We hope that this blog will provide readers with useful information about the Catholic faith and genealogy.

The Catholic Gene’s mission is to present various aspects of the faith of our fathers…and mothers. But we’re genealogists at heart, so we’ll present the faith as seen through the eyes of a family historian. Whether its details about ecclesiastical archives, profiles of religious, our ancestors’ churches, vintage photographs, personal reflections, or lives of the saints in genealogical records, The Catholic Gene will offer something for everyone interested in
researching their Roman Catholic family or learning more about all things related to the Church.
Drop by and say hello ... and check out all the info!

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