Thursday, September 22, 2011

At Last! TV Schedule for "Catholicism" Series on Public TV

I have mentioned before how much I am enjoying reading Catholicism by Father Robert Barron, which is an accompaniment to a new video series. Four episodes are going to be aired on public television and finally they are sharing that schedule with us. Sadly, none are airing in Texas but there are a ton of other stations showing it.

(Really Texas public stations? C'mon, they're even showing it in California! Where's your state pride?)

Check it out and set your DVRs!


  1. ARGH! They aren't showing it in Oklahoma either, except for on EWTN! I hope they'll go ahead and show the other 4 episodes too! I have trouble posting comments on the blogspot blogs with my google. Kathy Brents

  2. 10/13/2011 8 p.m. Chicago time WTTW channel 11 (PBS) first of four Thursday broadcasts. In November additional episodes will be broadcast on WETN. joe p.