Monday, August 15, 2011

He had me at "joy" -- Catholicism series to air on PBS

I have liked what I've read by Father Robert Barron and the few times I've had time to watch his video commentaries they've been good. (If he put his audio out in podcast format, I'd probably listen to every single one ... I don't need to "see" him talking ... hint, hint ...).

So I was pleased to hear about his new book, Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith.

I also was intrigued to see that its publication accompanies a 4-part PBS series carried on WTTW in Chicago. I was even more interested to find out that those are just 4 of 10 actual episodes. Naturally, when I was sent the trailer, I had to watch.

Wow. Looks fantastic!

Read about the episodes at Word on Fire. Read more about the series in CNA's story. Contact your local PBS station to see if it is carrying the series.


  1. When will air? I've been waiting and wondering? I never see a date on any of the promos.

  2. Did you know this was about to air on EWTN on 11/16?

  3. I didn't! (Probably because I don't have cable so I miss a lot of those sorts of things.)

    Thanks for the heads up! :-)