Friday, July 8, 2011

The Words Aren't the Only Things Changing in the New Liturgy

I have been meaning to mention this since the classes our parish has been giving on the new liturgy have brought it up more than once ... the music is getting a do-over also.
I’m happy to report that the legislative ground has just shifted, and dramatically so. The new translation of the General Instruction removes the discretion from the music team to sing pretty much whatever it wants. The new text, which pertains to the new translation of the Missal that comes into effect on Advent this year, makes it clear beyond any doubt: the music of the Mass is the chanted propers of the Mass. There are options but these options all exist within the universe of the primary normative chant. There can be no more making up some random text, setting it to music, and singing it as the entrance, offertory, or communion.
Jeffrey Tucker, The Chant Cafe
This isn't a big deal for our parish, or at least for most of the Masses at our parish. Heck, the Saturday vigil has a men's choir already doing chant. Although I could foresee a weaning process for our 9 a.m. Sunday family mass. It is all very tastefully done, but it has the most "modern" music.

Read more at The Chant Cafe where they have a comparison of the old and new as well as some commentary. (Via New Advent.)


  1. Does this mean no more "Gather" hymnal? No more Marty Haugen? No more David Haas?


  2. I want to be hopeful but I can already see how it could go wrong. Is it going to actually be enforced? Are bishops going to make sure the people doing the music at each and every parish are properly instructed?

  3. You mean the Liturgy Police? Probably as much as now. But eventually things will filter down to most places, especially as the new bishops that get assigned to most places seem to be interested in doing the right thing. Heck, look at L.A. :-)

  4. For those of us in long time disident dioceses, like Saginaw, this will be just another opportunity for disobedience. The music leaders will simply ignore thiese directives, if they even allow themselves to become aware of them. We are on our second orthodox bishop since Ken Untener died and nothing has changed at the parish level. It will take a very long time before his influence diminishes.

  5. But when it does, those guidelines will be in place. That is a significant difference for the future. Which is cause for hope, not gloom.

  6. For which I am genuinely thankful, Julie. I just don't expect it anytime soon. I will continue to remind myself that St Paul could worship and praise God in a roman dungeon, Haugen/Hass masses are nothing in comparison.