Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Joke

I love this ... thanks to Tom K. for sending it!
Sister Mary Grace and Sister Judith were shopping in the neighborhood market one hot July day. Walking by the cooler case, Sister Mary Grace said, "Goodness, a cold beer would really hit the spot today, but what would the owner say?"

"Leave it to me," Sister Judith said.

She took a six-pack to the counter and, when the owner looked up, said, "We use the beer to shampoo our hair." Without missing a beat, the owner grabbed a bag of pretzel sticks and put them on the counter next to the beer.

"Sister," he said, "the curlers are on me!"


  1. Paddy takes his sainted cousin Sister Mary Brigid to dinner at a fancy restaurant. After a lovely dinner Paddy says, "Bridgie, fancy a brandy?"
    Sister Brigid sighs. "Ah, Paddy, I'd love one, but I don't want to give scandal." She considers. "Tell you what. I'll have a brandy, but ask them to put it in a teacup. That way no one'll see what I'm drinking."

    The waiter takes the order to the bar. "Two brandies, one in a teacup," he says.

    The bartender raises an eyebrow. "Is that nun back again?"

  2. I enjoy your fun blog! I joined a religious order last year, then discerned that it wasn't my call and returned home. But I tasted beer for the first time while I was in the convent. :) Also green Chartreuse and several kinds of homemade liquor. It was a lovely group of nuns and I'm sorry I couldn't have stayed longer!