Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5 Free L. Ron Hubbard audiobooks

Or ebooks, but let's face it, I'll be getting the audio.

Get them at Galaxy Audio.

Via SFFaudio (of course).


  1. I've read a couple of his books before and I wasn't much impressed and this was before I learned about his whole Scientology scam.

  2. I've heard some of his pre-Scientology adventure/fantasy/etc. stories narrated and found them a lot of pulp sci-fi-ish fun. And they're free so if you try one and don't like it ... what harm does it do?

  3. I use WOT (Web Of Trust) in firefox and that domain ( is full of warnings.

    And here I thought this was a Catholic blog. I'll have to stop reading this feed.

  4. I had no problem downloading and can tell you that Galaxy Audio is a legitimate audiobook supplier.

    Interesting that enjoying a good pulp science fiction adventure story can get one labelled as not being a Catholic site. I didn't know the two were so exclusive. What a one-dimensional view of Catholicism ...

  5. Me again. Check out the WOT rating on this site:

    Apparently, this is a front group for Scientology. I would be very careful in dealing with Scientology or New Age.

  6. I am not denying that L. Ron Hubbard is a controversial character or that Scientology is anything but dangerous folly. I read the Rolling Stone story when it came out. I know the score.

    What I AM saying is that he had a flourishing career writing pulp science fiction and adventure long before he thought of dianetics (sp?) and if I pick up a free audio version of an adventure story it is harmless.

    I have come across Galaxy Audio long before this ... I have never seen them do anything but sell audio versions of those old adventure stories.

    Arthur Conan Doyle was also a cracked believer ... I'm not worrying about whether fairies are real, however. I still read his fiction and will pick it up in a variety of places.

    I apply the same standard to L. Ron Hubbard's adventure stories.

    I am very careful about who I believe, including random commenters on WOT, btw.

  7. If we throw out all writers, musicians, and artists based on their beliefs and life styles, we wouldn't have much left. Just finished listening to Wagner's Ring Cycle, for example, and it is beyond-beautiful music, even though he was a scumbag with a bizarre philosophy of life. I'm not fond enough of pulpy sci-fi to listen to LRH, but to say "this isn't a Catholic website" based on the fact that Julie offers an optional link, does seem narrow. Glad it works for you, though. Katie

  8. If L. Ron Hubbard had kept on writing pulp, God would have had absolutely no problem with him. (Well, assuming he also would have stopped trying to do occult rituals and sleeping around in his spare time, which probably would have given him more time to write.)

    Reading the pulp "spoils of the Egyptians" is totally fine for Catholics, especially if you can get it free.

    I'll have to write something up, sometime, about the odd relationship Scientologists have with supporting Hubbard's ancient dead pulp career and with the sf field. It's creepy and sad, but it's also just about the only "good works" that their organizations do to benefit outsiders in any way. (Though of course they are hoping for money somewhere, there's not the direct money connection usually demanded.)