Thursday, March 10, 2011

If you've just plugged up the holes in your attic and you see a racoon or squirrel frantically trying to get back in ...

... it may not be just that they are mad because they can't have their own way.

It may be because they left something behind. Something so well hidden and so tiny that you didn't notice it.

Like these little tykes. Their eyes aren't even open but they have adorable masks already. Adorable.

Read about their reunion here.


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I want a baby raccoon!

  2. They're adorable! And I *so* want one - but I think Sammy-cat and William-cat would disapprove!

  3. Cute maybe, but racoons are dangerous. And I certainly wouldn't want them in my attic. Spoil sport that I am. :)

  4. Did you click through Manny? To see the point of the article by 911 Wildlife? C'mon ... try it and then come back and comment. :-)

  5. I love racoons! I'm so glad there was a happy ending for these little guys!

  6. They would be cuter if I hadn't had their cousins living in the crawl space above my bedroom.
    a) raccoons get pretty darn frisky at three in the a.m. I'm sure their scampering would be very cute if I weren't trying to sleep.
    b) raccoons think indoor plumbing isn't necessary. "Go where you want to go" is their motto.

    That said, I'm sorry for the young'uns separated from their mother. But even though she's a single mother on a limited income, I don't want her (them) living in my actual house!

  7. Of course not, and as with Manny's comment, I have to ask if you clicked through and saw the point of the 911 article ... which was how to get them to move out without separating them.

    We've had racoons in the attic also and my experience was that it was like having Bowling for Dollars above your head in the middle of the night. Which is why I liked the points about how to get them to move out ... with babies.

  8. Yes I did not read it, but now I have. Cute story. Thanks. :)