Friday, April 9, 2010

iPad becoming more attractive ... will power waning ... help!

First Walt Mossberg, whom Tom holds in very high regard (a coveted and difficult to win regard, I might add), called it a laptop killer.

Hmm, I'm impressed by his accolades but still not that interested. However, the iPad has now gained respectability in my mind.

Then I read an impassioned love letter from someone who had absolutely no initial interest (of course) about how the iPad is fantastic for reading not only books but long posts (on a blog which I found via a couple of links and now seems to be lost to me). Long posts. The kind that I copy and dump into a document to print out and take home because I too dislike reading long pieces on the computer. Also I was swayed by her point that she wasn't tempted to stop and multi-task or email ... because those things weren't available. One of my problems, identified right there. Just trust me when I say it was persuasively written.

It almost made me want an iPad.


Now I read an equally persuasive piece from The Curt Jester. Who I respect technologically. Who reads a lot ... like I do. Who knows the tests to give a computer before he praises it. He does admit that he is less than objective: To put it simply I have become an Apple fanboy and not only do I drink the Apple Kool-Aid I have it intravenously fed to me. I'm not quite that bad, but I do know the song he's singing.

And that he thought a tablet computer was a dumb concept right up front: I wished Apple would release one just to shut those people up. Preach it!

But then he fell, and fell hard.

I can feel my steely will power weakening. Waning. I am slipping toward that black hole. Help me before its too late ...

My only hope. It looks like a money pit. And that's a pit I've got nothing to toss in.

This is when poverty is a good thing. Believe me.


  1. I'm doing this chant right now: "Don't buy new tech for at least two years. Don't buy new tech for at least two years..." Just think of how far the iPod has come in the last five, for example. Early adoption is fun, but version 2.0 is almost always an improvement...

  2. I am not at all convinced...yet.
    but even if I were, I would wait because no doubt there will soon be an even better version 2...and 3.

  3. Friend of mine here at work got one for a gift. She loves it. She is big in to "media" and that is what it does... Easy access to media is a portable easy manner.

    Me, not too interested. I have a nice Dell laptop that is good enought for me. Frankly, I am pretty resistant to new "tech". We have only one TV in the house and it's over 20 years old. I know... but it still works and the kids don't seem to really care either...

    You might want to wait for the 3G version which will be out in ~ 3 weeks.

    Let us know what you end up doing.

  4. We only have one TV and it is probably about 20 years old. However, we have two computers, and a laptop for every family member (excluding dogs! ha!). Although when a kid is in college a laptop is du rigeur. They are an eclectic mix of PCs and Macs, depending on the need. For example, the student in film school must have a Mac to run the editing software she needs. Etc.

    My laptop is the oldest, hand-me-down and I only use it occasionally. I'm not fond of it at all.

    I do know never to buy the first version of something ... thank you for the reminders!

    Also, as I say, the complete lack of funds really helps that will power! :-D

  5. Be very afraid. I just bought a Motorola Blur smart phone - after using a clunker without even a camera for years, and Now I Cannot Even Imagine Life Without It. What not know I have email immediately; not know who updated; not know what the White House is saying! So, I think the IPad is just like my phone only bigger, so I could read a book anywhere, anytime. Oh I hope I can continue to resist. Stay strong!

  6. I just bought one, spent three hours with it and then returned it. Book reading was my main reason for buying it and it was great right up to the moment I stepped out onto my deck to relax in my favorite chair and do some reading.....that was when I realized that you simply cannot use the iPad in the sun. it's impossible.