Friday, September 21, 2018

Road Trip — Charleston


I've always heard it is one of America's most beautiful cities. And I love Revolutionary history, which Charleston abounds in. This year we put off traveling, hoping crowds would lessen when school began. We didn't count on hurricane season, but it seems as if Charleston got off fairly easy. So we're going to find out for ourselves.

You know how it is — we love a road trip. So we're driving.

There is something about seeing the land change as you drive by. About meeting the different people on the way, hearing new accents, seeing food specialties change. You understand the country a little differently.

That slow evolution also is reflected on the people traveling, as Tom and I have found. Listening to music or audiobooks, letting silence fill the car, watching miles slip away - these are all conducive to reflections that we just don't have time for in regular life. We may never have the time to develop the thoughts, much less carry them through into conversation. Long hours in the car lend themselves to such things.

So we embrace the simple road trip. I get my knitting, we pick out audiobooks and podcasts, pack up the cocktail kit for our evenings, and hit the road. Plus, you have the chance for side trips which indulge at least one person's special interests. And we've got one of those planned ... Muscle Shoals style. Maybe we'll also swing down to Savannah, Tom being interested in Revolutionary ports (hey any excuse, right?)

More on all that once we return, in about a week. There will be a few planned posts popping up here for some of my favorite feast days.


  1. Welcome to Charleston!

    Come visit us at Stella Maris on Sullivan's Island for the Latin Mass at 5:30!

    I am one of the ushers.

    1. I'm so sorry I saw this only when I returned. I went offline as much as possible to really "retreat" from regular life. Next time I'll know!

  2. Enjoy! I haven't been there in years, but it is well oved, and enchanting!

  3. Ellen Parrish9/21/18, 10:42 PM

    Check out Southern Living for tips - I saw this one to start you off.