Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lagniappe: I didn't know this was a dream of mine until I read it ...

In the future, when Joss Whedon and I are best friends and hanging out together in my tree fort, I hope Neil Gaiman comes over too. Because then the three of us will all play Settlers of Catan together. And I will win, because I'm really great at Settlers of Catan. But I will also be very gracious about it, and apologize for putting the bandit on Gaiman's wheat twice in a row.

Then we will make smores, and I will toast a marshmallow with such deftness and perfection that they will be amazed and realize I am kinda cool. Then we will talk about Battlestar Galactica, and which Doctor is our favorite, and we will tell ghost stories late into the night.

From Patrick Rothfuss's Goodread's review of
The Ocean At The End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
Except in my dream we will be playing Pillars of Eternity. Which I am enjoying the heck out of, by the way. Anyway, other than that, exactly the same dream.

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