Friday, March 24, 2017

My New Book — Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life


Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life

Prayers and Reflections for Getting Closer

This book is for the beginner and for those beginning again —
to bring us closer to Jesus, which is every Christian’s greatest desire.
Each page gently leads the reader to open up and encounter Christ in their own way —
using scripture and inspirational quotes, reflection, brief commentary, and prayer.
Foster a daily habit of prayer and reflection that will continue
long after you come to the end of this book.

Advance Praise
I’m getting a copy for every member of my RCIA class. 
— William H. Duquette —
If you want to be a happy Catholic, you need to encounter Jesus.
And if you want to encounter Jesus, read this book.
— Brandon Vogt —
This book is a joyful pilgrimage to the Father,
made with the most amazing companions, from Ambrose of Milan
to Marshall McLuhan. Highly recommended.
— Mike Aquilina —


  1. I may pick it up! Maybe for next year's Lent.

    1. Not what the author of a new book wants to hear — I'll wait a year. :-D

      I will say that several people I know, who helped read through the book, are waiting for publication to give it for Easter or confirmation gifts. It is a perfect way to go into the season of rejoicing. I'll be putting up samples later and you can get a better idea. :-)