Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lagniappe: Faithful even in their infidelity

... according to the characteristic modesty of a Frenchman, Albert had quitted Paris with the full conviction that he had only to show himself in Italy to carry all before him, and that upon his return he should astonish the Parisian world with the recital of his numerous love-affairs. Alas, poor Albert! none of those interesting adventures fell in his way; the lovely Genoese, Florentines, and Neapolitans were all faithful, if not to their husbands, at least to their lovers, and thought not of changing even for the splendid appearance of Albert de Morcerf; and all he gained was the painful conviction that the ladies of Italy have this advantage over those of France, that they are faithful even in their infidelity.
Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo
I'd forgotten that Dumas has a sly humor like this. He made me laugh twice in this brief bit.

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  1. Ha! Maybe Italians are smart enough to to see through the French pomposity. I speak as one who is proud of his Italian ethnicity. ;)