Thursday, August 27, 2015

How to Be a Christian and a Lady Under Trying Circumstances

There was one rather funny moment: I was waiting on the stairs during the Hugo ceremony rehearsal and chatting with the lady behind me. She started in on the speech she was going to give if she won. It became clear early on, it was going to be anti-puppy rant.

I leaned down from the stair above her and said, "Before you say anything you might later wish you had not, I think you should know that I am standing here because I am accepting for Vox Day."

She blurted out in shock, "I am so sorry for you."

I added, "I'm John Wright's wife."

Ken Lui, who was standing behind her, burst out into good natured laughter.

The artist lady and I parted on good terms, but the moment still amused me. It reminded me of the kind of scene you see in movies.
I knew the Hugo Awards were probably going to be unpleasant ever since the progressive vs. conservative culture wars broke out during the nominations. So I haven't read about them but from what I've glimpsed "unpleasant" seems to be the right adjective.

I was therefore impressed at the light, joyful feel of L. Jagi Lamplighter's Post Hugo Post.

She is John C. Wright's wife and, as his nominations were considered controversial, one might expect a tone of bitterness or hurt to come creeping through.

She's smart, she's funny, but most of all, as this post demonstrates, she is a lady and a Christian. Do go read it. It's a great example to all of us in these divisive times.

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