Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Well Said: The Church is the Front Lines

When things are crappy, and they often are, sometimes the best you can do is just turn up and do the will of God. That’s what our Lord did, and it was sometimes a pretty nasty experience. It’s okay though, because the miserable part isn’t the end of the story, is it?

Meanwhile, hold onto this thought: The Church is not a safe place. The Church is literally the front lines in the battle between eternal good and absolute evil. It’s going to look, feel, sound, and reek like a battlefield. If everything is always quiet on the front, you probably aren’t on the front.
I need these reminders because, of course, Jen is absolutely right. I tend to forget I'm in the middle of a battlefield.

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  1. Thank you again Julie! I copied this post to give to everyone in my office; a church office. Because everyone here gets discouraged, a lot... and this helps us remember why we are here!