Friday, April 10, 2015

Julie and Scott take dance lessons. The result?

Hilarious but insightful, of course! We discuss the 1996 Japanese film Shall We Dance? at A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast. Twirl by and join us!


  1. Hello out there - I haven't listened to this one yet, but let me say that after years of reading this blog I finally started listening to the podcasts. I enjoy them so much. You all have such a nice way of letting things unfold without apparent structure, with everything coming together in a satisfying way at the end. I see that Chesterton's St. Francis is coming up. I will definitely be reading (or listening) to that book, having just finished a recent biography of the saint which was worth reading. I know you must be bombarded with recommendations, but please consider watching the classic movie from the '50s by Roberto Rossellini called the Little Flowers of St. Francis. I absolutely loved it Most of the "actors" are local friars. I got it on Netflix DVD, but it's available on Hulu Plus.

    I will check back with you after listening to your "Shall we dance" podcast. I saw the movie (Japanese?) years ago and don't remember a lot about it. But if I'm not mistaken, it reminds me of an episode of Rumpole where he takes dance lessons to surprise his wife.

    Oh, one question: is there a way to tap into the older podcasts? Only a select number seem to be available through I-tunes, and I'm running out of those.

    Pax et bonum!

  2. Hi Charlene ... what great news! ;-)

    You can get the old episodes and it seems like a long process if you aren't used to it. But it is fairly simple.

    A complete list of episodes can be found in the Library. You can also just scan the Books or Movies separately.

    Click through on the book or movie name to go to the post for that episode. The show notes have a place where you can "Download or listen via this link:"

    Right-click on the episode link and "save link as..." to your computer. You can then double-click the mp3 file and it should open up in iTunes (sometimes this will go into the music and sometimes it opens up in the podcast, but either way you can then get it onto your iPod).

    I've put these instructions into the sidebar at Good Story.

    Let me know if it is confusing or I've missed a step ... or if you otherwise need any help. We're here to get those episodes to your ears! :-)

  3. Also I meant to say if things unfold "without apparent structure" that's because it is just how it unfolds. :-D

    We don't plan out any episode and rarely discuss it ahead of time other than to let each other know how we liked what we watched or read. What comes out is completely natural! The fact that it comes together in the end, we can attribute to luck or the Holy Spirit! :-)

  4. Thanks for the instructions. I'll give it a try!

  5. Hi Charlene! Thanks very much for these comments. I will definitely watch that movie before we record on St. Francis.

    Your request on how to get all the episodes - we've been asked that a few times and I try to figure out how to do that each time. Turns out this time's a charm! I'm fairly sure now that if you REFRESH the podcast feed in iTunes, you will see all the episodes!

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  7. P.S. That Rossellini movie is on youtube!

  8. Will be listening to soon. I see you guys will be watching Frequency next month, I hope it's not lame to say that it's one of my favorite movies? Even after so many years after it came out, it still never fails to make me smile.

    1. You're safe! We both own it so its safe to say that we're big fans too. :-)