Thursday, March 26, 2015

Well Said: God's Love and Senseless Folly

If even human love has its own reasoning, comprehensible only to the heart that is open to it, how much truer this must be of God's love! When it is the depth and power of God that stirs, is there anything of which love is incapable? The glory of it is so overwhelming that to all who do not accept love as an absolute point of departure, its manifestations must seem the most senseless folly.
Romano Guardini, The Lord
This book has been so thought provoking and so wonderful at speaking to me about my relationship with Jesus. What a perfect Lenten read and a great read for any time, which is a good thing since obviously I'm not going to finish it by Easter.


  1. Thanks, Julie. I alwalys value your recommendations! And, Happy Easter!!

    Cathy Barber
    Chicago, IL

  2. Excellent book! Should be mandatory reading for all Catholics. Each chapter reads like a beautiful homily.