Thursday, February 12, 2015

What We've Been Watching: The Hundred-Foot Journey, Chef

The Hundred-Foot Journey 2014 ★★

Ho hum. This is a beautiful piece with a talented cast. Unfortunately it had a highly predictable plotline.

Watching it I was struck by the fact that this is the director who gave us What's Eating Gilbert Grape at the beginning of his career. I also greatly enjoyed his later film Chocolat. This piece of eye candy does not live up to either.

Chef 2014 ★★★½

This is a happy little movie that I enjoyed a great deal more than I thought I would. That's probably because I had recently suffered through the predictability of The Hundred-Foot Journey and thought this would be more of the same.

Chef ain't rocket science but I greatly enjoyed the father-son bonding and how each teaches the other something important to them. I also really liked the way they illustrated social media, going viral, and other such modernities. I watched it with Mom and we agreed that it was like a tutorial in how such things work. As well as food trucks.

It is an honest little, indie-style movie that gave me a great deal of pleasure. And sometimes that's all a movie needs to do.

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  1. I agree on both. Quite liked the book of 100 Foot Journey, though.