Thursday, January 29, 2015

Floridian Adventures in Health - UPDATED

Mom's happy home time lasted three days before the exact chain of events happened that sent her to the hospital last time.

This time I was with her all day and had the dubious pleasure of calling 911 (my poor sis did it the first time). There are few things as surreal as standing in a darkened bedroom, groping for health details of your mother, while six large men are running heart monitors, barking code to each other, and (in turn) all asking very similar questions.

I did ride in the front seat of the ambulance to the hospital with a very calendar-worthy young EMT who was also very polite and conversational.

We've had various other experiences in the hospital, including discovering the world's worst doctor, and delving into the depths of the health care system to find out how to fire one's doctor when the system says you have to keep him until you go home.

God bless patient care advocates is all I can say!

Needless to say I have extended my stay for another week.

Mom's definitely on the upswing. All it took was a doctor who'd actually come by to see her, listen, and then order tests to begin figuring things out. Crazy, right?


  1. I am praying the Novena of St. Jude.

  2. Your mother will be in my prayers! ~Christine

  3. ugh. still praying for you all.

  4. Oh dear... Prayers for you and your mother!

  5. Oh no! We'll keep up the prayers.

  6. Oh, no, just read this. So glad to hear that she'd doing better now!

  7. I didn't even know she wasn't doing well. Glad to hear she's better. LJ.