Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Well Said: The misunderstandings between Britain and America

Half the misunderstandings between Britain and America are due to the fact that neither will regard the other as what it is — in an important sense of the word — a foreign country. Each thinks of the other as part of itself which has somehow gone off the lines.
John Buchan
Isn't that an interesting observation and one made by a Canadian. I didn't realize until just recently that John Buchan was not only an author of "every man" adventure tales but a highly placed Canadian government official. That makes his observation even more amusing and, dare I say even at this later day, truer.


  1. John Buchan was Governor-General of Canada in 1939, and for Canada declared war on Germany without a poll. The man was no "why do they hate us" weakling.

  2. I didn't know that, fascinating! Anyone who reads his books knows he's got clear vision of good and evil, and of being lied to and tricked by governments and spies. :-)