Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Live in Dallas? Want to Make Your Good Marriage Better?

Long-time readers know that I have been involved with the Beyond Cana marriage enrichment retreat since our parish began offering it.

I can't begin to say how many ways our involvement has made my own marriage better except by recommending it to you. It isn't sappy. It is practical. And yet you come away more in love than ever.

No one will observe or interfere in any way with each couple's time alone. Nor will you be required to share any of your discussions. (Just wanted to address those with the same qualms I had before attending!)

If you are Catholic married couple and live in the DFW area, you might want to consider spending a weekend (July 25-27) making your good marriage better. Details are here.

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  1. Glad to hear there is no "sharing" and that there is some alone time. I am convinced that most marriage retreats are organized by extroverts who love locking couples in a room together for sixteen hours a day and forcing them to talk. It is so painful to introverts, and not at all helpful in developing a dialogue with your spouse.