Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These Beautiful Bones review

I laid the book out, read it partially while doing so, and have been pushing it on people. Have I read it through myself? Not yet ... I will, I will but this is my busy time of year.

BUT Sarah Reinhard read it ... here's her review of These Beautiful Bones, a book that opens up Theology of the Body to everyone.


  1. Bahahaaaa. As I wrote that review, I thought to myself, "I wonder if Julie will read the book and roll her eyes back into her head at my enthusiasm?" But I know, even if you do, it will be with love. :)

  2. No way. I've been pushing this book on people since I read the first two chapters to start coming up with cover ideas. I agree with you and I've only read bits of it. I am only now getting my head above the catalog enough to think about beginning it properly, as a real book, instead of having sections catch my eye when I was making changes. :-)