Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just When I Thought an Audible Membership Couldn't Get Any Better ... I Discovered They Have The Great Courses For One Credit

I've been longingly reading and then discarding those brochures from The Great Courses for years. Even at the wildly discounted price of $99, I could never afford my heart's desire. How to Listen to and Understand Great Music, 3rd Edition, Narrated by Professor Robert Greenberg.

I figure that has to be everyone's heart's desire from The Great Courses because it always has a place of honor in the center spread to tantalize you into dropping that century bill on them.

Now, I don't do badly at all with Exploring Music from Bill McGlaughlin. In fact I am a dedicated fan of Bill's (yes, that's how much I like him ... I call him Bill). But somehow it isn't like a planned class.

Then my dreams all came true. I was wondering how to squander my monthly credit at Audible and ... lo and behold, can it be true? ... The Great Courses are at Audible, each entire class for one credit.

Oh, how quickly one can download when in the grip of such a passion? (Pretty darned quickly it turns out.)


  1. We listened to that one a few years back and really enjoyed it, though I may have over-hyped it a bit to friends in that I did have one say, "It was okay, but after the way you talked I expected more."

  2. Many of the Great Courses are available through my library system and I've heard the same about other libraries.

    1. Our library only has audio cassettes. Which I have no way to play. :-)

  3. I'm an avid purchaser from The Great Courses, and I listened to the Greenberg How To Listen to Great Music many years ago. It's excellent. Actually all of Greenberg's courses are excellent. He's a great teacher, and has a wonderful sense of humor.