Thursday, June 20, 2013

Catholic Writers' Guild LIVE!

From my inbox comes good news for Catholic writers.
2013 Catholic Writers Conference--LIVE
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (17:49:10)

Registration is now open for the 2013 Catholic Writers Conference LIVE!

We're heading back East. This year, we return to the place of our first conference, Somerset, New Jersey, and back to a familiar time--the first week of August.

Mark your calendars! The conference runs August 7-9, in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Network International Trade Show. As before, membership in CWCL provides you with entry to the trade show; however, there are special events that require tickets. We should have full pricing on those special items soon.

This year we are hosting:
•workshops on marketing and writing
•presentations on marketing and selling your work
•in-person pitch sessions
•group critique sessions
•national CWG Members meeting (guests welcome, of course)

We're still firming up our speaker list - so stay tuned!
Go here for more information or to sign up.


  1. Is the CWG for non-fiction only? I find there is a lack of good Catholic reading material in the bookstores. Plenty of basic Christian writing, of which many are..well....not exactly Charles dickens quality. I would enjoy reading a good Catholic fiction story that I don't have dumb down for or forgo my Catholic interpretation of Christianity.

    1. It is for any Catholic author of fiction or nonfiction. Go by and check them out.

  2. any possibility of a west coast meeting?

    1. I was simply passing along the info for anyone interested. I know nothing about these meetings. Please go to the CWG site (see link above) for information or to contact anyone.

  3. Anonymous: "I would enjoy reading a good Catholic fiction story that I don't have dumb down for or forgo my Catholic interpretation of Christianity."

    I understand; I've felt that way too. And so I appealed to the Little Red Hen Principle and did it myself! Hence: you might want to check out my Saga, De Bellis Stellarum, which is a triskaidekalogy (13-part series); there is also a related collection of short stories; it is reviewed here. It's a STORY, not a catechism, but the heroes are Catholics - and if you endure the first 11 parts, in part 12 Esto Miles Pacificus you will get to see a real Catholic ritual which has not been performed in MANY decades...

    One more teaser. Part 13 Et In Luna Pax is subtitled "How the Pope Went to the Moon".