Monday, April 1, 2013

DVD Review: Understanding Sunday Mass: A Kid's Point of View

A review from Scott Danielson. I have to say this looks like a good resource.

What a great idea this movie is. Understanding Sunday Mass: A Kid's Point of View's goal is to teach young people the mass, and it unconditionally succeeds at being both entertaining and informative.

The film opens with a scene we see nearly every Sunday. A family, including two kids, are attending mass. We see dramatic eye-rolling sighs of the kids as they prepare to tolerate another hour in church. "I confess, to Almighty God," says the priest as their eyes wander around the church, trying to find something to help them pass the time… but then everyone and everything freezes. Father Jerry, with his magic remote control, appears from the back of the church, and spends the rest of the time explaining the mass to the two kids while using the remote to fast forward or reverse.

What's an "ambo"? A "chasuble"? What does "Liturgy of the Word" mean? How about "Liturgy of the Eucharist"? Father Jerry explains it all.

In today's world, as catechists compete with movies, TV, YouTube, and a host of other shiny objects for the attention of students, it's wonderful to have this effective and entertaining film that was created by people who clearly understand that engaging the imagination is a terrific way to educate.

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  1. Great idea. When my son gets older I'll have to pick it up. Looks like I might learn a thing or two as well. :)