Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Super Fantastic Review of Happy Catholic (the book)

"I am suddenly nostalgic for the good old days," Davis remarks, "when you could smoke a cigarette, have a burger, or sip a cocktail without fear of getting a dirty look." What's that got to do with Catholicism, you ask? Davis doesn't hammer her point home in this essay, or in any of the others. She sketches out the main points, and leaves it to the reader to fill in the blanks, to connect the dots. In this essay, she is commenting on British jockey and crime writer Dick Francis' observation that in America, people think that one can fend off death indefinitely by jogging or adopting other healthy habits.

Davis could have produced a thousand-word essay supporting her points with exacting details; she doesn't. Her comments are trenchant and brief, as if you were seated next to a very witty and provocative dinner companion. Americans worship health and equate death with guilt, she remarks. It's almost like we've turned healthy living into a secular religion. And then you realize, oh, that's right. I'm reading a book by a Catholic about being Catholic. You put two plus two together, and before you realize it, you are asking big questions and thinking profound thoughts. You didn't need the thousand-word essay. You just needed a few inspirational bon mots from this erudite, sophisticated, literate Catholic woman.
Danusha Goska, author of Save Send Delete, has a review of Happy Catholic that knocked my socks off! Didja see that? Bon mots. Erudite. She said it, folks, not me. Though it did make me very, very (very) happy.

Danusha's review is generous and kind and ... I'm going to go read it again another time or two (or three). If you are interested I urge you to do the same because what is given above is a mere taste.

Thank you Danusha!


  1. I was waiting for the right time to buy the book. It just goes to prove that when it comes to books that lure me, I have no self Danusha's review was just too much for my discipline to handle. I just bought the Kindle format. ;) Not sure when I'll get to reading it, given how far I'm behind on my current reading list, but when I do I'll post a review as well. If it's anything like your blog, I'm sure the book is everything Danusha said it was.

  2. I hope sales are going as well as the reviews.