Friday, June 29, 2012

Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin)

I have not read any of George R.R. Martin's Fire and Ice saga. The one thing I always knew was that the books were gigantic and complicated.

However, lately I have been hearing about them on all sides. Game of Thrones on tv and in book form are being recommended by practically everyone I know. When my spiritual advisor said he'd begun reading the book (quoting from it), and then recommended that Tom and I try the tv show, I knew it had permeated all levels of society. Last night, Rose pushed the show heavily. So we may give it a try ...

You will appreciate, therefore, that this song is even funnier to me than it would normally be.


  1. In case you haven't heard, the TV series (HBO) has a LOT of sex and nudity, much more than I've actually found in reading the first book in the series. You should be forewarned.

  2. Watch the show, don't waste your time on the books. Here is why, there is no STORY! He meanders, he wanders, he creates characters and kills most of them off and those that aren't dead never achieve anything.

    First season on HBO was excellent, haven't seen any of the second season yet but I understand they have pulled in from more than just book two - a good thing. They probably should simply go ahead and finish the series, since George R. R. Martin never will.

  3. I did not like the books. A friend I trust lent me her's and recommended them highly. I did not like them because the religion of the southern parts he depicts is basically Roman Catholicism (just look at his description of the sacraments etc) and that is the one he depicts as an import and "false." The religion he depicts as "true" is the "nature worship" or "paganism" of the North. It just kept me from enjoying the story. Not only that, but I kept trying to come up with a way that you would have seasons last years, if you assume a year to be the transit around a sun and I could only come up with a multiple sun-star system...

    Iris Celeste

  4. I had been warned about the gratuitous sex, which I'm told lessens as the series progresses. That's HBO for us, right?