Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogging Around: Summer and Movies

There is something about summer and movies that just go together, at least in America. Seems as if all sorts of things have come on my radar lately.

Beasts of the Southern Wild
I received an email about this movie, which I hadn't heard of, but whose trailer captivated me. Do go watch it.
I thought I would place this film on your radar, Fox Searchlight Beasts of the Southern Wild. I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard of this film that won Sundance this past year and is now the front runner, according to Time, to win Cannes. It’s an extraordinary film and I’ve never seen anything like it…the NY Times said it was one of the best films to play in over two decades (not that they always get it right ). There’s not a description, synopsis, or trailer that can adequately reflect it. I will say it is gritty and intense (setting in New Orleans during Katrina, but it’s not about the hurricane or politics). The film releases at the end of June...
I'm waiting to hear if I'm going to get into the local screening.

Vito Bonafacci
Also received in email was notice of this very small, independent film. Again, something about the trailer grabbed me although this isn't usually the sort of movie I'd be interested in.
Vito Bonafacci chronicles Vito's journey through a spiritual crisis where he comes to realize that his materialistic life is an illusion, and what is important in life is what he doesn't have. Thus leading him on a soul searching journey to understand life's purpose and a renewal of his Catholic faith. The film features a strong emphasis on the sacraments and what it really means to be Catholic in a corrupt world.

So far, it has been shown in theaters in New York City, Cincinnati, and St. Paul, MN. We are now proud to announce that it is available on DVD.
Usually a movie written specifically about being Christian or Catholic forgets that the point is carried more in the storytelling than in the points being hammered home. This trailer looked as if they understand that the story matters. I'm awaiting the DVD.

The Grown-up's Guide to Summer Movies
For those interested in movies that go beyond the big summer blockbusters, the Wall Street Journal has a good feature mentioning several interesting movies that look more into the human heart than for the next explosion.

Orson Scott Card on the Avengers and Being on the Set of Ender's Game
I love reading science fiction author Orson Scott Card's column every week. An opinionated but charming writer, he gives his thoughts on everything from toilet paper to books to local driving hazards. Uncle Orson Reviews Everything from May 17 is particularly movie-centric as he examines Joss Whedon's many strengths as a writer and director for the Avengers. He segues into his recent observations on the set of Ender's Game, arguably Card's most famous book. I particularly enjoyed his comments about Harrison Ford's strengths as an actor. I've always maintained that Ford could convey more with an eye twitch than most actors could with a speech.

Life's Like a Movie: The Hitchihiker's Guide to the Galaxy
B-Movie Catechism takes us on a dizzying ride from his truck's binary communication with him to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to the meaning of life.

Ten Things You Should Know About The Raven
I think we all know thing number one, don't we? Which is to avoid it like the plague. Genevieve Valentine watched it so you don't have to and then entertainingly charts the problems for us. I love reading her thoughts on movies. Smart and funny, always a winning combination.

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  1. The Vito Bonafacci trailer looked really interesting. I'll have to keep on the look out for it.

    I'm going to try to take my wife out to see The Avengers this weekend.