Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Also, We Saw The Avengers This Weekend

And, yes, I reveled in the Joss Whedon-esqueness of it.

If you haven't seen it, be sure to wait until all the credits are done (every single bit) because there's a second, after-the-credits bit that runs.

You wanna see acting without a single word, then wait for it.

I also meant to say that I loved the fact that Iron Man understood Loki so well because they are both divas. (Also, both easy on the eye, but that is a different sort of ... ahem ... love.)


  1. We saw and loved The Avengers this weekend, too, though the UK cut of the film doesn't have the second after-credits ending. We eventually found a pretty bad bootleg of it on the internet. Glad to see you posted the great quote from Captain America. Hilarious and true!

  2. My wife and I saw it Sunday night. My wife loved it. I liked it, but there were just too many characters to have a good story. It was enjoyable.