Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We're Alive! Updated.

Sorry that I didn't let everyone know we managed to duck 12 tornadoes, but you never realize when national news is going to pick up your local weather (while it's happening ...what a newfangled world this is)!

Our part of town was never in danger after the Lancaster tornado got done tossing trucks and decided to withdraw into the clouds while moving east. Our big concern was Hannah who, as an arborist, was driving all over creation yesterday. She was in Frisco, which was a comfort because it was far away from the bad weather ... until the Arlington tornado began hotfooting it up there. At which point she called to say that she had taken shelter in a SuperTarget, her boss was holed up in  church bathroom somewhere, and the other salesperson was driving around the deserted countryside looking for somewhere to take shelter. At that point, other than succumbing to buying too many movies, she was out of danger.

It is nice to see how many concerned friends I have all over the country! Thank you so much for your emails checking on our well being. :-)

A friend mentioned that national news made it look as if Dallas were laid waste with few survivors. I consider the miracle to be that no one was seriously hurt. Even at the nursing home that had a wing ripped apart. Minor injuries yes but no one was killed or really injured. Even the 18-month-old boy whose grandmother clung to him by his ankles to keep him from being sucked into the storm (while sheltering with the other grandchildren in the bathtub).

A miracle. I'm just sayin'.

Although my friend says:
There are natural explanations. Because your airport is the only airport on earth that has no free wi-fi, Dallas-area tornadoes are more predictable. They're not bouncing off errant email waves and hitting cars and houses. So write a note of thanks to the airport authority.
And not a trace of bitterness toward the airport. Another miracle?


  1. You have such strange friends.

  2. I try to be charitable about their weirdness. :-D

    And not to brag about my better-known ones by using their names!

  3. Mike Aquilina4/4/12, 2:25 PM

    I know Brad Pitt wouldn't want people to know his feelings about the airport.